How to make a bookstand for reading

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how to make a bookstand for reading

9 Best DIY Book Stand images | Diy book stand, Book stands, Bible stand

The great thing about being a human is having these amazing hands with thumbs that allow us to do all sorts of tasks. The other great part about being a human is that we have these brains that can imagine whatever we read, such that they allow our imaginations to explore many lives and to keep learning. But sometimes use of your thumbs and your need to read clash. Thumbs are needed for eating, washing dishes, prepping dinner, knitting, folding laundry, sewing buttons, thumb wars, sketching, or maybe they are just plain tired! How to read with busy or tired thumbs? With book holders, of course! Get Canadian with this little alderwood number!
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DIY Geometric Book Stand (Easy)

Here at For Reading Addicts we all love innovation and invention, especially when it is book related. This really simple, ridiculously cheap book stand is a perfect example and even better the video is so clear you do not even have to understand the verbal instructions being given.

35 Of The Best Book Holders For Reading In Bed, On A Desk, And More

This is a rather specialized tool, but invaluable to the right person. Its job is to hold a book either hardback or softback upright and open to the proper page. As a scholar, I use similar devices all the time when typing text into a computer, looking at images, translating difficult passages--pretty much anything where I want a book open to a page while my hands do something else. This particular version is my first attempt at making one myself. It was a gift to my brother-in-law. Since he is a seminary student, and since I had access to a CNC laser, I engraved a Bible passage on the front and a quote from one of his favorite theologians on the back. Yours can be customized however you want--with a painting, a personal note, a favorite poem or quotation, the first line of Beowulf, or anything else you can think of.

Here are instructions for a very simple DIY book holder for bed that keeps your book in a position in which you can read it while lying on your side. It only requires a few items you probably already have in the house. The problem of reading while your head is sideways is easy to solve with a tablet stand and rotating the orientation of screens on phones or tablets, but printed paper books stubbornly keep their text orientation while at the same time refusing to stay open. I searched online for reading stands designed for people confined to bed and all solutions were complicated or expensive. I either had to purchase an enormous and heavy floor stand which was limited in book sizes it could hold, or I could ask a special printing service to reprint each book horizontally. Not very practical at the best of times, probably impossible for textbooks which have both English and Korean and pictures not to mention the issue of copyright. In the end the solution was incredibly simple.

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Jun 14, Free Book Stand Plans - How to Build Book Stands. Folding Reading Stand,iPad Stand Ipad Stand, Phone Stand, Tablet Stand, Wooden.
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