How to make someone read a book

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how to make someone read a book

13 Tricks That Will Help You Read More Books

Are you back? Most writers who set out to write a book never complete one so you are already way ahead of those other people. I hear you now. No one book is for everyone. So you might do everything right and still get a bad review. Especially if they all repeat the same issue.
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13 Tricks That Will Help You Read More Books

And how you read makes a huge difference to knowledge accumulation. While great for exercising your memory, the regurgitation of facts without understanding and context gains you little in the real world. Consider the newspaper, are you truly learning anything new? Do you consider the writer your superior when it comes to knowledge in the subject? Odds are probably not. This is how most people read.

The Four Levels of Reading

As Gary Coleman once taught us, it takes different strokes to move this world, and that means that people who love to read must work hand-in-hand with people who regard reading as the worst way to spend any amount of free time. The ideal would be to convince them to read your favorite books so you can pull them into your insidious Reading Circle. Add to Bag. But how can you do that if they regard reading as a chore as if? Shape Your Pitch First of all, know your audience. Why are they so resistant?

I live in a state of constant evolution of mind, body and soul, where learning acts as one of the key pillars. Reading is a primary vehicle to growing that knowledge. That really tears my pages. Mind you, this is that same person that told you he or she watched the entire season of Game of Thrones in three days. Reading is a sport that takes practice and dedication. From to , I read books and became obsessed. I witnessed massive personal growth, development and knowledge gains.

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