Fahrenheit 451 book burn to read

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fahrenheit 451 book burn to read

Edition of Fahrenheit that can only be read by burning the pages / Boing Boing

Super Terrain, artists and graphic designers collective, reinterprets the science fiction novel by Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit In this dystopia, books — being the objects of resistance to the tyranny of happiness — are forbidden, tracked down and burned by the firemen. This special edition, appearing at first black as if carbonized, reveals its visionary content as soon as it is exposed to heat from a flame or hand. A sensitive link is drawn between the book as a material and the content of the novel. The paperback goes back to black as it cools down. In the time of ubiquitous digital and screens, this edition embodies the questions raised by Ray Bradbury on the role of memory and culture in our society. After the broadcasting of the display video, there was a great demand and Super Terrain decided to launch a pre-order campaign for the production of Fahrenheit , limited to copies.
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Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury Audiobook

Edition of Fahrenheit 451 that can only be read by burning the pages

Now, thanks to a special edition by printers Charles Nypels Lab and the graphic designers at Super Terrain , you have to burn the book in order to read it. Charles Nypels Lab posted a video on Instagram that shows this science in action. The blackened paper reacts to the flame of a lighter, revealing the words within. The creators will be preventing a book as thought-provoking as Fahrenheit from being destroyed by fire--a book that was challenged as recently as Famously, Bradbury came up with the title Fahrenheit because he believed it was the temperature at which paper auto-ignited. It would take a higher temperature for an entire book to combust.

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Next year, French graphic design house Super Terrain will publish this very special edition of Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit that can only be read by burning the pages. Of course Fahrenheit , published in , is a dystopian novel about a future where books are outlawed and burned. Ironically, the book itself has been subjected to banning, censoring, and redacting over the years. Make October the month you become invaluable at work by taking one of these boot camps in Excel and its […]. When it comes right down to it, poker is a winnable game no matter where you play it — as long as you play the odds.


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  1. The pages of the edition were created with a special charcoal black coating that form a chemical reaction when light is applied.

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