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how to read faster pdf

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how to read faster and retain more pdf

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Josh Kaufman is the bestselling author of books on business, entrepreneurship, skill acquisition, productivity, creativity, applied psychology, and practical wisdom. If you want to fly through your reading pile, RSS reader, and e-mail inbox at breakneck speed while maintaining consistently high levels of reading comprehension, these speed reading books are for you. Growing up, most of us learned to read by starting with the first word on the first page, then continuing to read until we get to the last word on the last page. Efficient reading is non-linear - a series of quick skims, skipping around, referencing, and note-taking. Most of us have way too much to read. Between books, newsletters, magazines, e-mail, blog posts, and snail mail, our reading pile overfloweth.

When there's so much to read yet so little time to do it, being a fast reader sure does help. You could certainly just practice reading faster on your own with a stopwatch or timer, but chances are you might improve quicker by using a speed reading app that teaches you how to become a proper speed reader at a pace the works best for you. Learning how to read faster is really only half the battle. Absorbing and understanding the information as you read it at a lightning speed is the real challenge. Here are seven of the best speed reading apps to use on your smartphone, tablet or even the regular web for advancing your reading skills.

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Photo: Dustin Diaz. It was tested with speakers of five languages, and even dyslexics were conditioned to read technical material at more than 3, words-per-minute wpm , or 10 pages per minute. One page every 6 seconds.

Learning how to read fast, or speed read, can be a useful skill if you are trying to get through a reading list quickly or go through a long text. Before you can speed up your reading abilities, you will need to determine your average reading speed and practice several methods to improve your reading speed. To read fast, hold a ruler or pen on the page and move it so it's always under the line you're currently reading, which will help prevent you from re-reading a sentence by mistake. Also, make sure you're not mouthing the words or saying them out loud as you read, which can cause you to read significantly slower. You can also train yourself to read faster by timing yourself as you read a passage and then trying to read it again in a shorter amount of time. To learn how to do other reading drills that can help you read faster, scroll down!

How to Read Faster and Recall More is a book which will help you master reading faster and recalling the majority of what you read through various techniques and tips. Most people, in their capacity as student, job seeker, employee or leisure reader, want to be able to deal with their daily reading faster and also recall it effectively. This book gives you the means to do just that by: finding the techniques for improvement that work best for you providing methods for increasing retention and recall promoting flexibility — the key to reading efficiently offering techniques for developing skim-reading and, highlighting problem areas and suggesting ways of addressing them. The book contains exercises to facilitate your development and assesses your results throughout, ensuring that you come away reading faster and recalling more. Gordon Wainwright is a human resources development consultant. He is the author of twelve books on management communication skills and runs courses for a wide range of organisations, including multinationals and government departments.


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