Good books to read in french

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good books to read in french

Top 5 Easy-to-read French Books for French Learners

Pulling any old French book off the shelf can be a daunting task. Never fear; learning French through literature can be an easy and pleasant experience, provided you have a bit of guidance and your library has a good foreign language section. While the realism of the book is based in imagination, many of the expressions and ideas expressed in the book can be difficult and for a first-time reader to understand. What does that mean for readers? Games may be slightly different, slang is a bit outdated and the uniforms and separation of boys and girls in the s French school system may be a bit old-fashioned. The Sequels!
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Discover 16 French books you can read to improve your French and discover French culture!.

Nice Books to Read in French

Below is my French reading list of books that I have personally read and recommend to my students. You can sort the French reading list by difficulty, author, title, etc. View the book on Amazon by clicking on the title. Please note that these are affiliate links: I will earn a small commission if you go to Amazon through this link. Same price for you, but a little tip for me! Thank you! I will add new books to this list over time, so come back to check it out!

Why Reading in French is Crucial

Books I'm using to learn French

Spanning a multitude of periods, genres and forms, the history of French literature provides a wealth of unequalled works which have sparked literary movements, created new conventions, and entertained millions. Here we list twelve pre-World War II classics you have to read. This classic fairy tale is unusual for its length and complexity. In this version, the Beast is a visuallyterrifying yet gentle creature who treats Beauty with great care and kindness. Every night, the Beast asks Beauty to marry him, and every night she rejects him until finally she agrees, only to find when she wakes the handsome prince of whom she has been dreaming of nightly. Written by the prolific medievalist Christine de Pizan, The Book of the City of Ladies is an extraordinary work, both for its content and for the fact that it was written by a woman during the Middle Ages. In her work, de Pizan creates an allegorical city of famous women, from the Virgin Mary to the Queen of Sheba, in order to argue for the value of women in society, and to therefore refute contemporary portrayals of women as sinful and unworthy.

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  1. Are you an intermediate French learner looking for the perfect book to read? Here are 10 French books that will keep you hooked!.

  2. easy-read-french-books-french-learners. Start off slow with a children's book. Many suggest “Le Petit Prince“, and not without good reason. But while “Le Petit.

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