Good books to read with your girlfriend

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good books to read with your girlfriend

9 Books Every Couple Should Read Together For A Stronger Relationship

Instead of spending those summer nights with a potential boo, grab your best girlfriends and this list of amazing books written by women for women. We compiled this list so that you and your girlfriends can read and enjoy the stories…together! This smart, sarcastic, and clever former combat nurse faces new challenges as she tries to assimilate to a whole new world, all while trying to figure out how to return to her own life. Read this only if you want to be inspired to love yourself more, believe in yourself more, and challenge yourself more. Kristin Hannah weaves an important tale about life, loss, and love in an elegant, heart-wrenching and insightful manner. Her secret? Hard work and passion.
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5 Books You NEED To Read!

relationship, including the best books to read with your partner while When my boyfriend and I were long distance, books played a huge.

13 Books to Read With Your Boyfriend (According to a Guy)

Maybe you've tried to join a book club with your significant other and it just didn't stick. Don't feel bad — you're not the first couple to have quit: book clubs aren't for everyone. But your instinct to share a read is right, because there's something enriching, rewarding, and daresay romantic about it. Books bring out even the most complex and indescribable emotions, and more often than not, a good story can allow us to dissect and examine our own lives from afar with no fear of personal scorn or insecurity. Or, maybe when the weather starts to cool off, you can grab a blanket and curl up together. No matter the season, who better to share a book with than your significant other? Like most good things in a relationship, books are better between two people.

After I graduated college, I moved to New York City for an internship and left my serious boyfriend behind to finish school. We lived apart for two and a half years, and during that time, I learned a lot about being in a long distance relationship , including the best books to read with your partner while you're in one. Phone sex isn't the only way to connect from across state lines. When my boyfriend and I were long distance, books played a huge role in our relationship. Having a mini book club between the two of us gave us something to talk about on our weekly phone dates and provided an opportunity to do something together, even though we were miles apart. They were a medium we used to stay connected, a lesson in commitment and follow-through, and an opportunity to get to know each other better, especially when it came to picking out our next reading selection.

Last Updated on September 30, Relationships can be tricky things. One minute they can be going great, and the next minute everything seems to be going wrong. Talking through problems is a great way to come to a compromise with your loved one. However, counseling has its limitations. Even if you do it once week, that is only a small amount of therapy, leaving a lot of other time to let resentment and anger build.

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Why not dive into one of the many books couples should read? Reading the same book together as a couple and then discussing it is one of the most powerful ways to know each other better, respectfully argue, and find unexpected places of agreement. Books can provoke intense and otherwise silently held beliefs, recall memories, force you to explore gray areas, or simply delight in the world, the intellect and the written word.


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  2. Best romantic books you must absolutely read together with your significant a former girlfriend of his best friend, who committed suicide at his 17th birthday.

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