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roald dahl books to read on the internet

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Need homework help? We have lots of ideas and resources listed below. Okay, this is going to take some creativity on your part. Roald Dahl is such a popular author that a lot of other people probably want to write about him too. Here are some ideas to get you going:.
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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Chapters 1 and 2 Read Aloud

Dahl, Roald

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At 14, I was technically too old for this book when it came out in , but I still swallowed it whole. So much power concentrated in one tiny mind. The enormous crocodile has but one thought on its mind: to eat as many children as he can via the adoption of various, not-quite-impenetrable disguises. One for the very youngest readers, and I can say no more without creating infant spoilers, a low to which I will not stoop. When kids are a very little bit older, they can move on to this immensely satisfying story of Boggis, Bunce, Bean, a host of fat chickens and a display of reynardian trickery as old as time. Its elemental simplicity — a poor but honest hero and four ambulant essences of the greatest juvenile vices who are justly rewarded and punished during their chocolate factory odyssey — made it a bestseller from the moment it was published, over 50 years ago. He takes you by the hand and leads you — as firmly as Willy Wonka does Charlie — into an edifice of delights.

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Team Red have picked their all-time favourite Roald Dhal books giving us the perfect excuse to re-read a childhood book or two. When I was a child it was James and the Giant Peach. I still have my Puffin copy with its beautiful pencil illustrations.


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  1. But he made me aware that the narrator, whether third person or first, is not a neutral figure but an active, even directive, force.

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